The Michelin guide 2019, a perfume of Sweet France

The most popular culinary guide in the world is coming out this Friday. 2019 marks a new record : 632 starred restaurants (versus 621 in 2018).

The ceremony, which took place in the prestigious Salle Gaveau in Paris last Monday, awarded 520 restaurants with 1 star, 85 with 2 stars, and finally 27 were crowned with 3 stars. 

Mauro Colagreco and Laurent Petit join the elite club of 3 starred chefs

As last year, 2 restaurants have joined the elite club of three starred chefs. There are Le Clos des Sens based in Annecy-le-Vieux and headed by Laurent Petit, and the Mirazur, located in Menton, under the leadership of Mauro Colagreco.

5 new restaurants have received a second star and 67 got their first. Once again, this is a record with 75 new star restaurants versus 57 in the previous edition. 

75 new Michelin-star restaurants this year, a new record

This new guide sets itself apart with a diversity of styles and regions. It’s a tasty mix of local cuisine which sometimes comes from abroad.

Sold for 24,90€, the guide will be available on Friday 25th January.

3 special prices have been given like in the category Sommelier to Alblert Malongo Ngimbi

Three special awards were also given out during the ceremony – Christopher Coutanceau received the Sustainable Gastronomy prize, Sarah Benahmed won the “Reception and Service” prize and finally, Albert Malongo Ngimbi, won the Sommelier prize.

Sources: Press release Michelin

Pictures: ©Michelin