The 24th edition of “Christmas trees of the creators” with the theme “Ice-Crystal-Polar”

For the seventh year running the committee of Montaigne is supporting “Les Sapins des Créateurs”.

This is event is sponsored by The Federation of Haute-Couture and Fashion

The free-entry public exposition will take place from Saturday the 23rd of November until Monday the 25th of November between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. at the Hotel Plaza Athénée.

Magic for all to enjoy

To immerse both young and old in the atmosphere of end of year celebrations all artworks are freely
displayed to the public from the 23rd of November to the 25th of
November at the Hotel Plaza Athénée.

The beautiful spirit of Christmas

Beginning in 1995, “Les Sapins des Créateurs” has supported charitable organisations by uniting the greatest names in fashion, architecture and design.

Working under the guidance and wisdom of Marie-Christiane Marek- the president of “Les Sapins des Créateurs”, renowned artists and prestigious fashion houses work hard every year to create original works of art which embody the spirit of Christmas.

Generosity comes first The original artworks created for “Les Sapins
des Créateurs” are eventually sold at auction with all the proceeds going to
charity: this gives bidders the opportunity to acquire unique pieces of art and support a great cause. All the money raised at auction is dedicated to
Professor David Khayat’s research into cancer: Professor Khayat chairs cancer research at the Bezet Clinic and is the president of The Paris Charter Against Cancer.

Chanel’s Christmas tree



Together, the auction and preceding exhibition will celebrate Italian fashion from the late 1950s through to the early 1980s, a period when Paris no longer had the monopoly on couturiers and their Italian counterparts were coming to the fore.

With special thanks to…

The Hotel Plaza Athénée – A luxurious and magical setting at the heart of Avenue Montaigne. In the city where dreams come true ( Dare to Dream ) we have 8 million ways to make your NYC elopement a reality. All artworks created for the 24th edition of “Les Sapins des Créateurs” will be displayed in this gem of 20th century French architecture.

Following the auction, a dinner prepared by the chefs Sylvestre Wahid –Restaurant Sylvestre, Hotel Thomieux, beholder of two Michelin stars, Fabrice Giraud – the “Chef de cuisine” of the Maison Blanche restaurant and Claire Damon – an acclaimed pastry chef, will be held at the Maison Blanche Restaurant. Damien Da Rocha will transform the restaurant into a magnificent floral scene. The illustrations created by Marc-Antoine Coulon.


Dior’s Christmas tree










Sources: Press release “Le Sapin des créateurs”

Cover picture: Jean Marc Coulon