Let’s the «Nathalie» guide you at Café Pouchkine!

More than a year ago Patrick Pailler, Executive Pastry Chef, created the “Nathalie”, an embodiment of Café Pouchkine legend.

This pastry macaron, available since March the 5th, is a true gem presented in five different flavours, and a variety of new flavours will be developed in future.

Patrick Pailler, Executive Pastry Chef at Café Pouchkine, has created the “Nathalie”


The “Nathalie” celebrates the great classics such as Dark Chocolate or Nut-Milk Chocolate, together with subtle combinations such as Raspberry-Banana, Lime-Wasabi and Cranberry Morse-Rose.

The “Nathalie” always consists of two vertical shells of macarons that contain in its heart crispy biscuit, cream, confit or ganache, all delicately frosted.


The inscription ‘Café Pouchkine’ on the top of this creation, which is assorted to the colours of the “Nathalie”, brings the final touch, as a pearl crowning the perfect jewel.

Sources: Website Café Pouchkine

Cover picture : ©Café Pouchkine