About us

With LUXE.TV, enter a world of luxury and the art of living! 

LUXE.TV is the world’s number one television channel dedicated to luxury.

It is broadcast in English and French, in Ultra HD 4K, HD and SD.  

LUXE.TV is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in 126 countries via 130 operators, and has more than 26 million household subscribers worldwide. 

LUXE.TV offers you Monday to Thursday, LUXE.TODAY, a program showing constantly updated daily news reports on luxury and lifestyle.

With LUXE.THISWEEK, it’s a recap of your luxury week: a best of the best selection of reports on news from the major luxury houses, and the art of living from around the world!

There’s also BEST OF: with targeted themes, such as spas, golf or the world of horses!