Dutch gambling providers must pay back a gambling addict

Dutch gambling providers must pay back a gambling addict

The consumer program "Radar" focused on a gambling addict who, despite being excluded, was still able to gamble at two Dutch gambling providers. The addict had registered himself in Cruks, or the Central Register for the Exclusion of Gambling of the Dutch Gambling Authority.

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The person in question gambled away an amount of 7,000 euros at the time. After previously contacting the Kansspelautoriteit, but without any result. Radar did offer the gambling addict a helping hand. At present, 70 Cruks-registered players are known to have encountered problems, reported https://bollywood-casino.com/games/evoplay/dungeon-immortal-evil.

Cruks must protect players

In October 2021, online gambling became legal in the Netherlands. The gambling law changed for the first time since 1964. Dutch players could immediately go to a dozen legal gaming providers, as they immediately received a license from the Kansspelautoriteit (Ksa).

The new law on gambling had to ensure that Dutch players would enjoy better protection, including against gambling addiction. Hence the exclusion register Cruks was created. All Dutch players registered in Cruks are excluded from participating in physical and online gambling.

In the initial phase of the exclusion system, it turned out that various players could still gamble at the online gaming providers. Former Minister Dekker spoke of teething troubles at the time. Remarkably, the gambling addict in question only registered in Cruks on November 5.

Dutch casinos pay back the lost money

In the first four weeks after legalization, a few problems came to light regarding Cruks. It turned out that an accent or a trema could cause a registration to fail. As a result, no correct and automatic check could be applied by the gaming providers. By the way, the problem has been fixed for a while.

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This was of little use to the gambling addict in the program Radar. He lost no less than 7000 euros at BetCity.nl and Holland Casino Online. Both casinos admit no guilt but have transferred the lost money back to the gambler.

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