Travel book in Rio !

Today, our Travel Report takes us to the number two city in Brazil: Rio de Janeiro.
Tourist attractions have been valued from one to five stars.

Christ The Redeemer, that embraces the 13 million inhabitants of Rio Bay, from the top of the 710 meter Corcovado, deserves its 5 stars, especially for its panorama, one of the most beautiful in the world.

Christ the Redeemer, standing at 38 metres tall was built in 1931 by the French sculptor Paul LANDOWCKI, with the assistance of Romanian sculptor Gheorghe LEONIDA and Brazilian architect Heitor da SILVA COSTA.
Classified as a historic monument since 1979, Christ the Redeemer was elected as the 7th wonder of the world in 2007. It welcomes 750,000 visitors a year.

To reach the Corcovado, you use the 3.8 km railway at Cremailliere. Thirty years ago, train cars made in Switzerland replaced the historic train put into service in 1884.

The return journey takes 12 minutes, moving at 25 kilometres per hour.
While waiting for new train cars, we give it 4 stars.

The return journey takes 12 minutes, moving at 25 kilometres per hour.
While waiting for new train cars, we give it 4 stars.

4 stars is also the score we give to the TIJUCA forest, the largest urban forest in the world.
On the slopes of Corcovado, it covers 3200 hectares, from 100 meters to 1020 meters of altitude.
Unesco has described it as a world biosphere reserve. It is one of the most beautiful botanical gardens in the world.

Note at the foot of the forest, the LAGE Park Art School. We give it 3 stars.

The most beautiful view of this bay of Rio is the one that stood out in 1502 for the Portuguese during their discovery of the continent, it’s this view from Sugar Loaf Mountain.

In turn, two cable cars lead you to the summit of the rocky peak of Sugar Loaf, at 395 metres. This symbol of Rio is naturally rewarded with 5 stars.

In addition to the view from Sugar Loaf, a helicopter tour in the Rio Bay will also give you a perspective view of the different neighbourhoods of Rio, including the Favelas.
These slums on the steep slopes of the hills have a specific organisation based on solidarity. 20% of the population of Rio live in these Favelas, close to the chic areas of the city.

For thrill seekers, the discovery of Rio Bay for two hours from a Delta-Plane is certainly a unique adventure.

And of course, we have to assign stars to the beaches of Rio Bay.
Our favorite moment of discovery is at dusk, after shopping.
It's just magic.

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