Sol House, a house with a modern woodhouse look

It's off the coast of Pelluhue, reputed to be one of the most beautiful beaches in Chile, that the Sol House can be found, the latest creation by the Lorena Troncoso Arquitectos' firm. Wood, volumes and geometry are the key words of this project. The idea was to minimise the physical separation between the land and the sea. For this, the architects imagined two perpendicular pavilions which are separate but still connected by a third area fully covered in wood. They all have one thing in common: their relationship to the sea. This small space that brings together the two living areas is narrow but strong since the sea appears in the form of a framed postcard. We love the perpendicular volume to the sea which seems to defy gravity by projecting and connecting to the horizon and which shelters the private spaces. The volume parallel to the sea includes living room, kitchen and dining room. This elongated space is lined with large windows that directly tilt the outside towards the inside. An interior that is sleek where white tones reveal the wood grain, ubiquitous and in contrast with the colours of nature and the blue of the water. In addition to the main volume, a semi-open space composed of a thin and elongated parcel, which folds into the walls and the sky, forms the terrace. A place apart, beating heart of the house, which generates a contrast in terms of texture, colour and movement with the rest of the property. Through the wooden slats, the sun creates structured shadows and lights that play and merge on different textures. It’s a real experience that varies in tones and patterns. We also discover a seat that seems to float on this terrace, a perfect place of contemplation where one can feel the sun, the breeze of the sea, the sound of the waves and the colours of the surroundings. A house in perfect harmony with its environment
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