Petit Bateau x Jean Jullien: a graphic and inspired collection!

The evocative power of the trait, elementary simplicity and rare poetry - that's the definition of Jean Jullien's talent!
Jean Jullien is a French illustrator trained at Central Saint Martin's school in London, then at the Royal College of Art. Illustration, photography, video, costumes, installations, books, posters and clothes, his favorite fields are legion!
It didn't more for the French brand Petit Bateau to propose this beautiful collaboration! A real meeting between the brand and the creator who was personally invested by visiting the Petit Bateau factory in Troyes, to better understand the manufacturing process.
For the baby, the child and the adult, Jean Jullien has created a unique portrait gallery: a cat, a dog, a ram and a zebra. Well behaved in appearance, this band of four is actually a little mischievous: the illustrator put himself in the skin of these animals to imagine how they would themselves draw elementary shapes, lines, dots, shading, echoing their own fur. And while the ram doesn't have a pattern, there's no panic, because the cat and the zebra give him their stripes!

So many characters and clothes that preach the sweetness and simplicity of its designer...
It is this purity of means that is the strength of Jean Jullien's graphic language! The artist has created illustrations for the famous Parisian shop Colette and the newspapers the New Yorker and National Geographic.
A talent recognized among others by the Tate Museum, the Gallery Target in Japan, the National Museum of Singapore and the MIMA Museum in Brussels ...

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