Oltarno Splendid, boutique hotel in the heart of Florence

Welcome to this private refuge that blends historical and contemporary details. Installed in the upper floors of an 18th century mansion, the Oltarno Splendid is the work of Francesco Maestrelli, Matteo, Marco Perduca and Betty Soldi, all responsible for two other hotels in the capital of the Renaissance. 14 rooms with eclectic and surprising decor, blending styles and times, and which were all created individually, reinterpreting Florentine tradition and welcoming guests just steps away from the famous Ponte Vecchio and the historical city centre of Florence. Throughout the years, the artistic setting of the property hasn’t lost its splendour and has been reconstituted in each room. The walls are wrapped in 200 year old Toile de Jouv wallpaper, either plaster walls marked by time, or rediscovered ancient mural frescos dating back to the 1700’s that have been carefully resorted. We discover here and there, a selection of vintage furniture, industrial lighting, calligraphy neon signs, prints, and ancient paintings that co-exist with iconic contemporary works, impressive maps that reign over certain beds, clawfoot tubs and not forgetting panoramic views over the roofs of the city that are the true marvels of this hotel. We love the King Deluxe room where artist Susan Nevelson, eccentric muse of Ken Scott set up her workshop. Inspired by the ancient frescos and bright space, she forged her colourful creations. An intimate and welcoming hotel that offers an unforgettable experience of the Italian city in a timeless atmosphere.
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