Monaco Yacht Show 2019: Tankoa unveils its new project S702

Tankoa unveiled its new project called S702 at the Monaco Yacht Show 2019. This is a modern concept of a 70m superyacht developed in collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski. Following the success of the 69.3m Suerte launched in July 2015 and the 72m Solo in August 2018, Tankoa developed this new project which is characterized by its vertical bow and superstructure arch that connects all the rear bridges of the boat to create continuity. Three different superstructure profiles can be integrated into the exterior style to offer owners a wide choice of design. One of the main features of this project is the interior layout, especially the front area which is spread over two interconnected levels, the main deck and the upper deck. All outdoor spaces are designed as terraces overlooking the sea and use glass panels without fixings to maximize the ocean view. Tankoa Yachts has also received an award for this technical innovation. The very vertical front glazing contrasts with the slight S-shaped curvature of the arched superstructure at the rear. Based in Genoa, the shipyard has a clear and concise recipe for staying afloat in this tumultuous landscape, launching one or two projects a year and thus keeping consistency at the heart of its entrepreneurial spirit. There's a relaxing space at the back with circular sofas. And a recreation area also with a 9m limousine tender and a 5.5m tender that are stored in the garage at the back. A tender for the crew, a lifeboat tender as well as jet-skis are stocked under the heliport, in the bow. In short, a great project by TANKOA.
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