L’Epée 1839: Incredible machines with formidable precision

Incredible machines, with formidable precision and designs from elsewhere: L'Epée 1839 is a house that has managed to pull ahead in the game by specialising in the creation of unique mechanical clocks.
Located in Delémont, the brand shows off its overflowing imagination.
Auguste l'Epée appreciated the "fun" side it seems; Arnaud Nicolas and his team have chosen to pay tribute to him since 2014, for the 175th anniversary of the house, through a new collection called Art Line.

KINETIC HOROLOGICAL SCULPTURE, is the name of these incredible machines.
From design to assembly, through the making of all its components, machining, finishing, all these “a little crazy" pieces of art are entirely produced in-house.
Imagined in collaboration with MB & F, this pendulum sheltered under hand-blown Murano glass, can be suspended from the ceiling or placed on a desk.
Medusa is its name and is an edition limited to 50 copies.
But don’t think that design only plays an aesthetic role...

This Time Fast model is straight out of the imagination of the young designer Georges Foster who has offered a superb gift to L'Epée 1839 on the occasion of the 180th anniversary of the house, in 2019.
We return to the middle of last century to better understand the influences of the designer.

Time Fast D8, Hot Balloon, Sun Clock or Time Machine, at L'Epée 1839 there are dozens of creations divided into 4 lines.
It’s easy to find exactly what you’re looking for!

Very soon a unique object will join the collection.
We dare not tell you more ☺

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