DS Automobiles: French luxury, automotive version!

The interpretation of the high end is French luxury,

Of the DS3 Crossback E-Tense 100% electric or the DS7 hybrid 300 horsepower, which will be your favorite? We look at these two new products that delight fans of elegant French automobiles !

DS or Distinctive Series: the DS, which once rhymed with Goddess, is no longer just a model name, but a brand in every sense of the word.
Ninth generation of the famous family of car manufacturers, Charles Peugeot is the real instigator of this new car line. He presents us with two emblematic models !

" This vehicle has a capacity of 50 kilowatt hours, which translates into a range of 320 km, in WLTP cycles, so it's real range and what sets us apart from our competitors is the job of two technologies that are the heat pump and active cooling of the batteries.

So, it seems indeed quite advanced - and technical - that said, it is very important, because these technologies allow the vehicle to operate at the best operating temperature of the batteries and therefore guarantee autonomy whatever the temperature ranges."

The DS7 Crossback E-Tense, on the other hand, offers hybrid plugin technology, that is, rechargeable hybrid.

In the mountains, in snowy or muddy conditions, you can force the car into 4X4 mode.

As you will have understood, at DS Automobiles, the objective now is to energize this very French brand, which aims to be a symbol of new luxury.

" We, our interpretation of the high end, is French luxury, so I like to talk about luxury. I think it's not arrogant today to talk about luxury in the automotive world, because some brands you know that sell for 200,000, 300,000 euros, in the end, I consider that to be hyper luxury, that's aimed at another type of clientele.

A vision of luxury

And we, our vision of luxury, is a bit of the same vision that we can have in the world of leather goods and so this is our interpretation of the high end. We want something that has a very strong style identity, that is comfortable, that is luxurious in the sense of materials, the art of living and the art of travel. "

You just have to take a look at the upholstery of the vehicle seats, to notice other parallels with the world of luxury. The leather is the highlight, which recalls the shape of the bracelets of the most precious timepieces ... Design and avant-garde in terms of style and technology !

At DS Automobiles, they know it well. Today, for consumers, the new fundamentals are electric and hybrid. In the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg alone, some 800 charging stations for electric cars will be installed in the coming months ... And it is the expertise of car manufacturers that will make all the difference in the choice of vehicle ...

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