Contemporary, technical and original lighting!

Whether timeless, contemporary, original, technical or handcrafted, lighting has become an indispensable element, a decorative element that can make the difference, inside and out. The first creation, designed by famous British designer Benjamin Hubert for Muuto, is the Strand Suspension Lamp designed with soft and playful shapes. Made from a spray-like, cocoon-like, cloud-like material, the Strand Lamp has a complex structure that creates an enveloping atmosphere. Thanks to its transparent finish, the cocoon material allows the suspension to filter the light for a warm and comfortable glow through its translucent shell. Designed in different sizes and shapes, the suspensions offer both diffused lighting and direct lighting through its openings. Hovering slightly in space, these poetic lights bring comfort, harmony and refinement to any room. More artisanal now, we look at the Coffire suspensions. Made of porcelain clay, these fixtures are then coloured using coffee grounds. And to freeze the colours, the creations are simply cooked at low temperatures. A brilliant idea from designer Zhekai Zhang who wanted to create an imperfect product by establishing a link between standardised industrial production and craftsmanship. The red patterns left by the coffee are always different. The result? Unique creations, each having its own marbled effect, its own pattern of swirls and textures. The designer also wanted to bring sustainable resources into his creative process. He has even chosen to replace the traditional well with a gas oven, which does not produce any cooking waste. The choice of this resource gives creation to random textures, which evolve according to variables such as temperature, humidity and the density of coffee grounds... A new technique that encourages the reinvention of the use of everyday resources. We finish with a versatile creation: the Fold Lamp, designed by Dutch designer Matthijs Kok for Freshfiber. Combining two lamps into one: a suspension and a table lamp, the Fold Lamp was inspired by Matthijs Kok's affection for atmospheric illumination. He wanted to create an adjustable lighting fixture to his environment, both practical and functional. The result is awesome as the Fold Lamp stands out for its flexibility and sculptural beauty, combining delicate design with cutting-edge technology with carefully selected materials such as nylon and steel. Printed in 3D, the lamp has a shade that can rotate 360 ​​degrees around the light source. The direction of light can be controlled and its intensity amplified according to preferences. Practical, user-friendly and fun, the Fold Lamp sublimates all spaces in search of a contemporary touch of sophistication.
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