Christmas logs: greatest pastry chefs compete with imagination!

Every year, pastry chefs from the most beautiful hotels in France compete in imagination, originality and audacity to create Christmas logs that will surely bring a touch of sweet wonder to the conclusion of any holiday meal. Here is a small selection of the most delightful…

Designed as an invitation to take a wintery stroll through the forest, Pascal Hainigue, pastry chef at Le Burgundy, unveils his chocolate creation, a sweet wonder that should delight the most demanding palates. By choosing an organic form, which honours the work of those who shape forests by hand, Pascal Hainigue shows his love for nature, and for working with the land, in respect of the elements and the seasons. The composition of his log is also turned towards the forest and towards a certain naturalness: with its soft hazelnut biscuit, crispy buckwheat chips with crepes lace, the log reveals a creamy centre of vanilla and fir, mousse made of macaé chocolate, under a crunchy chocolate bark. A pure treat.

Always in search of new ideas, Adrien Salavert, Pastry Chef of La Réserve Paris, has a habit of wandering through the Duke of Morny Library to find inspiration. The impressive collection of old books made him want to pay tribute to this very privileged place with a trompe-l'œil log composed of three volumes. This 2019 edition features the iconic colours of the hotel: Cordovan leather, red lacquer and dark wood. Three volumes for two stories of different flavours blending tea and citrus flavours. Emblematic aromas of holiday celebrations.

Precise, pure and featuring both modern and symbolic elegant lines, this is the vision of Florent Margaillan, pastry chef at the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat on the traditional Christmas log. All the technicality of its creation lies in the design of the hand made star that crowns the chocolate-hazelnut dome and which was made without mould, and adorned with gold leaf, whose geometric lines are a reflection of his great control.

Yann Brys, Best Worker of France and Director of the sweet creation Evok, imagined this year a log faithful to the identity of each Evok address. For the hotel Nolinski Paris, it is a refined log with rounded shapes that the pastry chef proposes. Its flavours? We love the pairing between the fluffy madeleine biscuit, light cream made with Tahiti vanilla, creamy elderflower, a compote of red fruit and crispy shortbread made with AOP Charentes butter. A pure delight.

It is in the heart of the vineyards that the chef Dominique Costa of The Peninsula Paris, found his inspiration for his holiday interpretation while paying tribute to the Pinot Noir and the sparkling vintage “The Peninsula Paris - Deutz”. This surprising creation, gourmet and refined, combines intense aromas: almond praline, dark vanilla chocolate, gingerbread, pear pieces ... a delicious variation of flavours and textures to achieve a perfect balance!

The Hotel Royal in Evian wanted to transform the Christmas holidays into a magical and gourmet trip. Stéphane Arrête, the hotel's pastry chef, has dreamt up a creation inspired by the famous Alice in Wonderland tale. The result? A creation in the shape of a sphere that reveals many surprises. If the upper half is a labyrinthine dessert, the lower half is full of Christmas treats: orange and chocolate flavoured truffles, mendiants ... a dessert to definitely enchant young and old.

Let's end with the log from the hotel Le Bristol Paris which bears the seal of the hotel: the iconic key door of the hotel turned into a crispy tablet with cocoa nibs, bursts of roasted beans, grilled vanilla and browned with caramelised white chocolate. To break and share without moderation to celebrate the holidays.

Many aesthetic and original creations that should certainly delight the taste buds of all...

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