Billieblush and Billybandit: a playful and sassy winter

For this season, Billieblush and Billybandit are playing with animals by unveiling collections full of leopard print, fantasy illustration, and elegant embroidery, as well as the iconic playful details of Billies.

At Billieblush, the collection mixes pets: cats and poodles, with a tribute to the mythical unicorn. In terms of colours, fluorescent pink, pale pink, and royal blue contrast with the more traditional khaki, heather gray, and navy blue. We love the retro jacket with herringbone inserts in gold and pink, the ruffled iridescent jacket, the pink or black faux fur coat, and the reversible denim jacket, very trendy this winter. Stripes adorn a dress and vest, a bubble version of spots decorate sweats and leggings, gold is pretty on a pleated skirt, sequins adorn the hood and the bottom of a sweatshirt dress and a multicoloured heart is worn proudly on denim overalls. But the flagship pieces are none other than the stretch denim shirt to wear with a tulle petticoat, the 2-in-1 denim polka dot dress and black tulle petticoat, the fancy jacquard skirt with contrasting faux fur pockets and the petticoat with raised multicolored pom-poms. For the evenings, little girls wear a pink dress of shiny tulle, embroidered in front with sequins for a touch of sparkle, a ruffled petticoat with golden polka dots, a satin dress with knot additions and a pleated bottom, an elegant 3/4 petticoat embellished with beautiful details of gold beads and sequins. Sequins bring the glamorous and girly side down the pant leg of jeans, or on the shoes of this season.

The Billybandit collection mixes sports, retro, preppy, and vintage styles for a practical and comfortable collection. Among the must-haves of the collection, a very Bandit hoodie effect mask. The sweaters are covered with ping-pong prints, spacey inscriptions and rockets blasting off to unknown planets. We love the woollen coat with a faux fur collar. Boys party in bowties and shirts featuring a wacky all over pattern.

Two funky and modern wardrobes for this winter.

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