A graphic winter with Milk & Biscuits

This winter, Milk & Biscuits daringly mixes brightly colored geometric patterns and creates original looks for little ones. Each season, the brand collaborates with an artist to create unique prints. This winter Milk & Biscuits invites Katy Welsh, a designer based in Bristol, to design her singular collection. A graduate of the Leeds College of Art with a diploma in printed textiles, Katy Welsh draws inspiration from color, shapes and patterns from her environment to create light patterns with organic compositions. The abstract collage illustration and the People motif were thus imagined to give a little boost to the Milk & Biscuits wardrobe. A nod also to the chaos of colors and the volume of people that can be found in Shanghai. This winter, stripes and checks coexist wonderfully. The charming brand with a deep color palette: carmine red, caramel, orange and bottle green....perfect colors for the season. Among the favorite pieces are the color block merino wool jumpsuits, the balloon blouses and the woolen tartan cape. There are also some very British must-haves. Corduroy comes back strongly and dresses suits, loose pants and other skirt overalls with crossed straps in the back. Milk & Biscuits also wanted to commit to exploring innovative ways to reduce waste in the fashion industry. From this idea was born a capsule collection, a limited edition, called "Upcycled" and made in collaboration with Ms Min, the brand of Chinese designer Min Liu. To make the pieces of this mini collection, Milk & Biscuits used the old fabrics or those set aside by the Chinese brand to avoid wastage and the result is beautiful. We love the striped organza skirt, the black sheepskin vest or the black and white chevron coat, classy and graphic. Not to mention, accessories that complement the looks of the season: the hats, hoods and gaiters with pompoms. A unique collection of its kind, whose clean lines and bold cuts are appreciated.
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